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Belleville boots

Belleville offers many styles of flight boots which comply with either the Berry Amendment which requires 100% of the labor and 100% of the material costs come from the U.S. or TAA Compliant which indicates that the boot is compliant with the Trade Agreement Act.

  • US Air Force Flight Approved Boots
  • US Army Flight Approved Boots
  • USMC Certified Boots
  • US Navy Certified Boots
  • US Navy Flight Approved Boots
  • US Navy Flight Deck Boots

Also available for Law Enforcement and EMS Personnel


FOD Resistant Boot

Belleville offers boot styles that feature a VIBRAM Foreign Object or Debris Resistant (FOD) outsole.

Website 24/7

Belleville Boot offers a complete website with all combat and tactical boots available along with Secure Shopping.

Safety Toe Boots

Select from several options for safety Toe Boots either composite or steel toe which meet ASTM F2412-18 and F2413-18 Standards for impact & Compression


Provides durably waterprooof protection in a variety of climate conditions

New Styles


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Belleville’s boots are designed for maximum foot protection and stability without sacrificing comfort or mobility.

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Belleville 330DES ST

Flight approved by the U.S. Navy and U.S Marine Corps, the Belleville 330 DES ST hot weather boot offers a great combination of both cool comfort and safety. From the ASTM certified/EH rated steel toe to the Vibram® Chevron outsole designed to minimize FOD and improve traction, the 330 DES ST exceeds all necessary aviation boot requirements

C790 flight boot by Belleville image

Approved for flight by the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Army

 The Belleville C790 Waterproof Flight & Combat Boot is multi-functional and perfectly suited for both air and ground combat use. With its waterproof GORE-TEX fabric, lace-to toe design and 100% rubber exclusive VIBRAM® Sierra outsole, you won’t sacrifice any traction, stability, or comfort you need to feel confident in any terrain or situation.

“Military Boot Catalog available on website"

“ Tactical and Public Boot Catalog Available on website"

arm your feet®



combat / tactical boots

military and law enforcement / ems agencies

330 COY ST flight boot
330 ST Naval Flight Boot


Monday – Friday
7am – 5pm


(618) 233-5600


1000 Premier Drive
Belleville, Illinois 62220

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